"History behind the H3CK1E"...



I’m Tai Coleman owner of Hecklemania Designs which was established 2014. During my positive progress & development in this business, I was very fortunate to be picked for series 10 ITV ‘TAKE ME OUT’ TV show. 

Thankfully, I still got to showcase my h3ck1e brand to the whole nation with my own personal touch. This was a magical moment for me & I feel very blessed as it’s made my H3ck1e brand more aware to the public. This is a premium, high quality clothing brand, which specialises in unique styles of headwear & clothing garments.


The Beginning of Hecklemania Designs...


One day I was sat in my bedroom thinking, I had always been a hat lover and a few quirky hat designs crossed my mind that was unique and that nobody had produced before.. 

I didn’t think it would be possible to do those designs, however I crossed my ideas with a few people. As we are aware people always have there own opinions, however I never allowed to deter the outcome of the path I was supposed to follow. Now look here I am 7 years later still heckling with over 30 unique hat styles to suit all & now following into clothing by public demand. 

Through self determination and believing in my dreams, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 

Having said that I have now progressed even further going into a unisex range of clothing garments, with even more to come in the future.….. So watch this space people.


People ask me why Hecklemania? 


Well the art of H3ck1e is about FREEDOM OF SPEECH in different forms of communication... like over exagerated talking, including banter, jokes, eye - contact along with non verbal communication such as gestures that can be used as words. (I like to Heckle a lot as that’s just my personality). So I have tailored this brand around myself as my superpower is me & nobody else can be me.

The Mania- is the more creative side which forms the timeless slogans like ( ALLDAY 3VERYDAY ) to the h3ck1e brand from the unique styles produced. This is mixing words, numbers & symbols in place for words which would form a word or sentence. 

It’s H3ck1e not Heckle?


People often ask me why the numbers in H3ck1e instead of heckle?
I believe in numerology its importance to life’s history & in previous studies from school days as I’ve always been fascinated with numbers. As some numbers look like letters & vice versa…..

I have changed the ‘E’ in heckle to the number ‘3’ as the number ‘3’ is classed as complete number. Which stands for unity, wisdom & understanding. 
I also changed the ‘L’ in heckle in exchange for the number ‘1’ as I started this journey with my brand on my own. Plus you have to look after number ‘1’ before you can help anybody else in this life. 


I have excelled myself over the years of business & enjoyed my journey so far which I wish to endeavour into more success on my journey.  The main things I have learned during my journey in business is resilience, self-discipline & determination, without those key elements my brand wouldn’t be where it is today.   


Remember ALL DAY 3VERYDAY we H3CK1E...